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Good Dick Will Imprison You!!


Recently I just had to cut this guy outta my life. Why you may ask? Because I was DICKMATIZED and didn’t even know it. Now I know what you may be thinking, what is dickmatized? Dickmatized is when you get dicked down sooooo well it makes you go stupid. Literally it makes you wanna lose your mind. Kinda like being whipped. It makes you wanna abandon your friends, and just eat sleep and breathe the dick. Anyways, this happened to me. Unfortunately four years later I started catching feelings and I expressed those feelings to him. His response was, ‘well act like it’. Basically he wanted me to chase him.


Not happening. Maybe the insecure me would’ve done so years ago, but I’m not into the chasing game anymore. So today I blocked him from my Facebook and Instagram and blocked him in my phone. It’s bittersweet but I’ll feel better in the long run. I guess what I’m trying to say is ladies, don’t let the dick drive you crazy, or make you lose yourself. Don’t be like me because I was pure-t


Tia Evans, MSW

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