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I Know it Might Not Seem Like it, BUT Your Time is Coming!

Imagine it’s 2019, almost 2020 this was supposed to be your year, the year of change. You did your vision board, meditated to manifest your deepest desires, saged weekly, and carried crystals in your bra but something is still missing. Maybe the relationship you thought you wanted still has you single, or the promotion you know you deserve hasn’t happened yet. Did the offer on the house fall through? Perhaps you saw another one of your social media friends get engaged in the most romantic way. Whatever it was didn’t come your way and you're sitting here wondering what am I doing wrong, or when’s it gonna be my turn? Guess what? It’s ok to feel that way, have your moment, vent to your friends and then keep it moving! You know why? The universe has something bigger and better waiting for you. It's taking the time it needs to be perfect just for you for a reason. However here’s how you’ll know your time is coming:

You’re already doing better than you were in the beginning of the year.

2019 can still be your year, if it hasn’t been yet, but for reasons you might not have recognized. I challenge you to look back on your life since this past January. I bet there has been at least one thing that has changed for the better. It might not seem like a big change since this year is moving fast but use this opportunity to slow things down a bit and acknowledge the better you, that is in the making. Small changes such as begin able to keep groceries in the house, paying ahead on your student loans and actually putting the laundry up are all little things to add to bigger picture that is preparing you for what you have been asking for.

Your relationship with your family and friends is changing.

Ultimately this should be a good thing, although it might not seem like it, if the change was birthed from animosity. The saying that everybody can’t go where you’re going in a true statement. In 2019 challenge yourself to say no to toxic relationships regardless of personal or family relations. On the flip side of this, maybe your connection with your girlfriends, or circle of friends has gotten stronger? Even gaining new friends or rebuilding failing friendships (or letting them go) is a sign of change and growth, something that is vital to becoming a better version of yourself.

Your career goals are starting to shift.

Have you begun to think about your current job and is it meeting your needs mentally, emotionally and hopefully financially? Do you find yourself going between striving to go up your job’s company ladder, or building your own ladder, in your own business? Have you learned to better balance your home vs work life? Change is not created in stagnation. Setting yourself up for financial success is a major indicator that something bigger is coming for you. Once financial concerns are not at the forefront of worries other things can take precedent as we begin to lower our guards for more pleasurable things to occur.

You are putting yourself first.

No longer are you putting your needs on the back burner. You have begun to make you and your needs a priority in your life. You have realized that there is nothing wrong with making sure that you and your responsibilities are covered before entertaining those of other. You are now working with a full cup, and you have the energy to engage with others as you see fit. Change and the ability to obtain your desires means that you refuse to settle, and your non negotiables in life are just that. Once this becomes easier for you, and you are comfortable in saying no everything else in your life will fall in place accordingly.

Remember, social media makes everything look good. You do not know what that person has done, to get where they are currently, or what goes on when they log off. Also remember everybody’s timeline is different. Sure, we may hit milestones at seemingly the same time, but when you break it down it’s a coincidence. I can guarantee you that someone is looking at your life right now, wishing that are hitting the goals you may have hit years ago. A delayed yes is still a yes, and not right now is not a no. Keep living for yourself, become the master of your own destiny and make it happen one day at a time!

Tia E.

Photo by Simon Maage on Unsplash

Photo by STIL on Unsplash

Photo by Luz Mendoza on Unsplash

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