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Are You Coming With Me?


6/29/18 UPDATED: The song actually is not about a vibrator (bummer I know) BUT imagine if it was?

SO…. You may or may not have heard (the rumors) that our beloved “Electric Slide” originally entitled “Electric Boogie” by songwriter Neville “Bunny Wailer” Livingstone was actually about a Vibrator. It turns out it was that….just a rumor

However, not many people couldn’t see the correlation between the lyrics and the song really being about a vibrator regardless…….until now! If you will allow me to be creative I’ll attempt to break it down to how I get that (it could be) about that toy, in that top drawer of yours.

It’s electric! You can’t see it (it’s electric!) – How many people hide their toys from their lovers? You gotta feel it (it’s electric!) – It can show you better than it can tell you. Ooh, it’s shakin’ (it’s electric!) – Buzzzzzzzz Jiggle-a-mesa-cara How many of y’all make sense when you climax? She’s a pumpin’ like a matic – The act of her using it on herself She’s a movin’ like electric – Again the way she may be rocking on it. She sure got the boogie – She’s Hooked!

You gotta know it – It’s the 70’s / 80’s It was probably loud. (It’s electric – Litterally Boogie woogie, woogie!) Now you can’t hold it – The sensation is getting stronger and stronger. (It’s electric Boogie woogie, woogie!) But you know it there, Here, there and everywhere – It’s not a secret vibrators are becoming popular.

I’ve got to move, I’m going on a party ride – It’s a ride alright I’ve got to groove, groove, groove, And from this music I just can’t hide – Can’t run now the climax is here.

Are you comin’ with me? – Well are you? Come let me take you on a party ride – Let me show you how it’s done. And I’ll teach you, teach you, teach you – I can teach you how to use this on me. I’ll teach you the electric slide

Some say it’s mystic – A supernatural Orgasm (It’s electric Boogie woogie, woogie) You can’t resist it  – Once again you’re hooked and it’s calling you back for more!.

(It’s electric Boogie woogie,…

Tell me what you think am I right, wrong or really reaching?

T The Sex Therapist

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