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Going Grocery Shopping: T’s Quick 5 Step Guide to Analingus


With the topic being hot in the news and social media right now, I wanted to share an intro guide to Analingus (oral sex that involves mouth/lips/tongue to the anus), commonly known as “Tossing Salad, Rimming and Eating The Groceries”. This is only a guide for people who are able to legally consent to sexual activity.

    1. Consent, ConsenT, CONSENT!

                 -Let’s face it consent is downright sexy, what better turn on than to know your partner(s) is/are agreeing to letting you pleasure them, or them being able to pleasure you right?  RIGHT!! ( Note that this can be revoked at anytime during sexual activity)

     2.  Have an open and honest conversation with your partner about it.

                – What makes you want to try this, do you think your partner would enjoy it? What would y’all do if something unexpected happens during the activity? These are just the basis of things that should be discussed with your partner(s) before actually engaging. This can be done way in advance, before it happens (but consent is still needed during). Or could be incorporated in the foreplay. Get creative with the conversation.

     3. Proper Hygiene

               – Whatever this may look like for you and your partner(s). Please see step two,  as this may be something that needs to be addressed with your partner(s) beforehand.

    4. Build Up To It.

               – Especially if this is the first time for you and/or your partner(s). Try a different form of foreplay that you already know is pleasurable for all involved, then work your way up to engaging in analingus. Start slow if you are the giver, and focus on how it makes you feel if you are the receiver. If there is consent to the giver, gently rub the outside of the anus with a finger to provide additional pleasure, but do NOT penetrate the anus if this has not been discussed prior.

5. Have Fun With It.

               – Explore what it feels like to give and/or receive analingus. Talk to you partner about it afterwards. If you’re not so sure about it, but open to it, try it again. If it’s just not for you that’s ok too! But remember openness and honesty with your partner is key! T told you so.

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